Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Flying My Colors

Here's a fun idea. Create your own flag from the nations of your ancestry. At the We Are Multicolored web site you can assemble your own flag using various elements from flags of the countries your ancestors were from. How cool is that? Here's my flag. It's not as colorful as some because I'm Polish, Polish, and American. But it suits me I think.

I learned about this from Lisa at the 100 Years in America blog. You can check out her flag here. Thanks for the idea Lisa!

Wouldn't it be cool if we all created one of these and then someone put them together as a "digital quilt". Who's got time? Any takers?


  1. Oh Jasia you know I always have time! Besides working out of my house, cooking and cleaning for another resident of this household who shall remain nameless, creating Christmas ornaments, updating 4 blogs, not to mention the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories . . . I do think this is a great idea. And I am on my way to the website!!!

    Yes let's make a quilt - we'll have a fun session called "Stitch and B*tch!" lol!

  2. Hi Jasia,

    I've posted my flag at my blog.


  3. Great Idea. It'd be even greater if I could figure out how to get the thing saved as an image and then post it to my blog. I emailed it to myself, then saved to my folder on the pc. But it came up as a screenshot of the webpage, not my flag. How did you all get it on your blog???? I can't even find it on the site again!

  4. If Thomas will do the stitching, seeing as he's not busy these days, I'll contribute.

  5. If the (current) country flags of your ancestors don't work well together or you just want to play with additional ideas, try looking up the regional or city flags.

  6. Colleen, there is a "save it" button in the upper right corner of the last page, after you've sent the image to the "superflag". If you click that (while your flag is still on the screen) it will allow you save the image to your hard drive.

  7. Hi Jasia -

    I'm glad to see that everyone is having fun with making their own flags. We all have such varied ancestry.

    The quilt is a fun idea. I'd be happy to try putting it all together. A genealogy-blogger-quilt-heritage quilt: sounds so cozy...

  8. Thanks Jasia. See what happens when you don't read everything?