Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Index to Jasia's Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

Week 1 of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

December 1 .: Topic - The Christmas Tree :.
Oh Christmas Tree!

December 2 .: Topic - Christmas Tree Ornaments :.
If Ornaments Define the Character of a Christmas Tree...

December 3 .: Topic - Holiday Foods :.
Christmas Eve Feast

December 4 .: Topic - Christmas Cards :.
Christmas Cards Over the Years

December 5 .: Topic - Outdoor Decorations :.
Holiday Lights in Our Neighborhood

December 6 .: Topic - Santa Claus :.
Santa Claus and Me

December 7 .: Topic - Christmas Grab Bag (open topic) :.
Lucyna's Memories of Christmas

Week 2 of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

December 8 .: Topic - Christmas Cookies :.
Christmas Cookies: A Holiday Staple

December 9 .: Topic - Holiday Parties :.
Holiday Parties

December 10 .: Topic - Christmas Gifts :.
My Favorite Christmas Gifts: One to Ride, One to Wear, One to Share

December 11 .: Topic - Holiday Travel :.
The Christmas That Wasn't

December 12 .: Topic - Charitable/Volunteer Work :.
The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

December 13 .: Topic - Christmas and the Arts :.
Christmas Entertainment

Week 3 of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

December 14 .: Topic - Fruitcake - Friend or Foe? :.
I Love Fruitcake!

December 15 .: Topic - Grab Bag (Open Topic) :.

December 16 .: Topic - Christmas at School :.
Christmas at My Elementary School

December 17 .: Topic - Christmas Church Services :.
In Church at Christmas

December 18 .: Topic - Christmas Stockings :.
I Had a Boot

December 19 .: Topic - Christmas Shopping :.
Last Minute Christmas Shopping

December 20 .: Topic - Christmas and Deceased Relatives :.
Cemetery Visits at Christmas

Week 4 of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

December 21 .: Topic - Christmas Music :.
Christmas Music Through the Years

December 22 .: Topic - Grab Bag (Open Topic) :.
Not All Memories are Happy Ones

December 23 .: Topic - Christmas Sweetheart Memories :.
Christmas Sweethearts

December 24 .: Topic - Christmas Eve :.
Christmas Eve, The Best Day of the Year!

These articles were written for the Blog Carnival, Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories, hosted by Thomas MacEntee at Destination: Austin Family. Stop by and read others' memories of Christmases past!


  1. Jasia, I'm "borrowing" your notion of an index --- I wish I could "steal" Thomas' set of graphics and make them work for just my calendar too.

    Thanks to you both for such an interesting Carnival/Calendar.

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying and participating in Advent Calendar of Memories Terry. Thomas and I knew it was a bit of a gamble as to how many (if any) would participate because it's such a time commitment at a very busy time of year. I'm just thrilled with the number of people participating. And I'm learning so much about other family's customs.

    I know that it's likely I'll want to reference something from my posts in the future. I'm often frustrated when I try to use the search function provided on the blog. So I thought an index would be a better way to go. You don't need to borrow my idea... I gift it to you. ;-)

    Merry Christmas Terry!

  3. Terry

    That sort of "stealing" would be the greatest form of flattery. But a shipment of those cherries would be better.