Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey Blue Eyes!

Did ya hear the news? All of us with blue eyes are descended from the same ancestor!!! This was discovered by the folks at the University of Copenhagen who were comparing mtDNA. Hey, that's the kind of test I'm having! So I guess all of us blue-eyes are on the same tree. (Now that's what I call short-cut genealogy ;-) Here's a shot of my baby blues... If you've got blue eyes too leave me a comment and let me know we're related!

I learned about this from Chris who I now know I'm related to (howdy Cuz!). I wonder if our DNA halogroups would be the same then. Oh listen to me go on about genetic genealogy, LOL!

University of Copenhagen (2008, January 31). Blue-eyed Humans Have A Single, Common Ancestor. ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 31, 2008, from­ /releases/2008/01/080130170343.htm


  1. Me too...

    This must be waaaaayyyyyy back in time for your Polish blues and my English (or German) blues (both of my parents were blues) to meet up in a common ancestor.

    Hey Frank Sinatra was blue too...

    "old blue eyes" (don't I wish I could sing like Frank!) Randy

  2. Hey, cuz...guess we're both mutants! ;-)

  3. Guess we're cousins too, as well as mutants! Looks like we're in good company though. LOL.

  4. My father and his whole family had blue eyes. My mother and her whole family had brown eyes. This means that I carry one allele for brown and one for blue, but that pesky brown allele dominates the blue.

    Does this mean I'm half related to you?

  5. Most of my family members and I have blue eyes.


  6. So if you have hazel eyes like me which seem to change from blue to green to blue, am I a "poseur?" A chameleon?

  7. Hi "Cousin," Didn't I say that if we go back far enough we are all kin to each other?????!!!!
    Blue-eyed in Mississippi, TERRY

  8. Well, with a blog name like "Nordic Blue," can you guess what color my eyes are? I never dreamed of meeting this many cousins...

  9. I knew I was related to a couple of other bloggers but I never expected that so many of us would be related!

  10. Well, my German/French/English/Irish eyes are blue, unless I wear green... But they are never brown. Using this shortcut would connect a bunch of us. What will we do with our free time?

  11. I also have blue eyes, as does my
    husband,& daughter. So there's
    English, Norway, German,
    German Polish,Slovenian.
    Good company, definitely!