Friday, February 27, 2009

Surname Meme

Craig has a great idea. Actually, Craig has many great ideas but I'm talking about his idea to post the surnames and locations he's researching. It's such a simple but obvious thing to do that I wonder why it never occurred to me to do this sooner. So without further ado, here is a list of the surnames and locations I'm researching.

MIZERA: Wojnicz, Poland and Detroit, Michigan
BOBER: Wojnicz, Poland
WOJCIECHOWSKI: Zdunska Wola, Poland
LASKA: Podborze and Debica, Poland, and Detroit, Michigan
FURMAN: Podborze, Poland
TABAKA: Podborze, Poland and Detroit, Michigan
LIPA: Bobrowa, Poland and Detroit, Michigan
KNOT: Bobrowa, Poland and Detroit, Michigan
KITRYS/KIETRYS: Bobrowa, Poland and Detroit, Michigan
LISOWSKI: Sieradz and Lodz, Poland and Detroit, Michigan
ADAMSKI: Sieradz and Lodz, Poland and Detroit, Michigan

There are no specific brick wall ancestors I'm researching. Any connections to the names and locations mentioned above would be appreciated! You can reach me at imjasia at yahoo dot com.

What about you? What names and locations are you researching?


  1. I am looking for Valentine and Frances MAJCHRZAK. They were parishionners in Sweetest Heart of Mary catholic church.

  2. Jasia,

    We share a surname - WOJCIECHOWSKI! Unfortunately, mine are from Mszczonow. But, that's more in common than I have with all of the genea-bloggers who are related to one another! There's still hope...

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  4. Ok, Here are a few of my surnames and villages. Everyone cam straight to Michgian!

    ADAMSKI: Rogalinek, Poznań and Calumet; Detroit, Michigan

    GARBAREK: Zaniemyśl, Poznań / Detroit, Michigan

    MACIEJEWSKI aka Macheske, Tulce, Poznań / Detroit, Michigan

    PRZYTULSKI (PRZYTULA) Wielki Łęck, Warmia, Poland / Detroit, Michigan

    RESCHKE, Miłobądz, Tczew, Poland
    STELMACH, Miłobądz, Tczew, Poland

    WENDT, Miłobądz and Lubiszewo, Tczew,Poland / Detroit, Michigan

    WILMOWICZ, Miłobądz, Tczew, Poland / Detroit, Michigan
    WOJTKOWIAK Tulce, Poznan,Poland / Detroit, Michigan

    ZDZIEBKO, Zarzecze,Jasło, Poland /(aka Jepko, Japko, Zipko) Detroit, Michigan

  5. My surnames and villages are:

    WOŁOSZ, DRAGAN, and KOPEC: Łukawiec, Poland

    WAWRZKOWICZ: Palikówka, Poland

    WSZOŁEK, FIRLIT, and MATYJA: Sitnica, (woj. Małopolskie), Poland

  6. Ok here are my surnames...

    Eliasz (aka Elijasz, Heliasz) - Biechow, Pacanow and Zabiec, Poland
    to Depew(NY), Toledo(OH), Detroit(MI)

    Leszczynski - Biechow, Poland
    to Depew(NY), Toledo(OH), Detroit(MI)

    Wlecialowski - Pacanow, Poland
    to Detroit(MI)

    Sobieszczanski (aka Sobb) - Toledo, OH

    Gawlikowski - Detroit, MI

  7. Anonymous, I have a Frances MAJCHRZAK buried in the Sweetest Heart of Mary cemetery. Contact me by email (imjasia at yahoo dot com) with what information you have and we'll see if we have a match.

  8. Jasia,

    It tried to contact you but I don't knwo if you received my e-mail/In case you didnt here is the info:

    Frances was born on Sep 1857 in Poland. Her husband William/valentine was born in 1850 and died before 1910 in Detroit.

    Their children's name are
    Joseph (1878)
    Michael (1879-1955)
    Leo (1889- bef 1946)
    Agnes (1866-) married Stanley Golembiewski
    Frances (1894-1976)m. Oscar Fiedler
    Ann (I found Ann)

    thank you for any info you could find, I knwo this family lived closed to St Albertus Church
    mye-m tempbox18 at hotmail dot com

  9. Jasia, Great BLOG!!
    I just received my g-grandfather's death cert. and it lists his parents as Mathews MORANIEC and Catherine LIPA.

    Joseph Moraniec (my g-grandpa)emigrated from Poland - supposedly from Pilzno - to Detroit around 1890. His parents were supposedly both killed when a cart they were riding overturned.

    Could my Catherine LIPA be one of your Szymon LIPA's sisters?

  10. Sorry, I forgot to say that you can contact me privately at carolyngrady at gmail dot com.