Saturday, February 10, 2007

Fire, Wine, and Tech Talk

Did you spend last night cozied up in front of a roaring fire with a glass of wine in hand, wondering about the future of family history technology? Yes? Really? Well let me help you out with some ideas from some young fellas who write program code for fun and profit. And then maybe you can find something a little more... intimate to think about on your Friday nights in front of the fire.

First off, Ben writing on the Beyond blog, gives a brief description and shows a mockup of his plans for creating a "lightweight record manager" called Excalibur. Then in his article A New PAF, he weighs in on which type of code he'd like to see the LDS church's replacement program for PAF written in. He also mentions an article on Dan Hank's blog, The BrainShed. Dan recently attended one of the LDS church's tech talks and he too discusses various programming languages under consideration for the new PAF replacement software in his article, Exciting times for family history technology. It's fascinating to follow their thinking about the family history technology for tomorrow.

I find it comforting to know that the creation of tomorrow's technology is well underway in the minds of talented programmers today. And now that you know it too, maybe your thoughts will drift in an entirely different direction this evening in front of the fire...


  1. Just post a tantalizing picture and talk about wine and cozying up to the that you? I'm guessing it's just a picture of a pretty girl and a fireplace...

    We can't have fires here in San Diego - it's too warm already, and the whole city might go up in flames if the wind blows. I don't drink wine...I spent last night slaving over my keyboard trying to write blog posts so that nobody will read them. How crazy is that? When I wnt to bed, my intimate one was fast asleep with the TV on Animal Planet. She goes to bed with animals and wakes up with me. I go to bed with George Nouri and Art crazy is that?

    The software stuff sounds intriguing - I'll check it out. Were you really in front of a fire with these guys?

    Cheers -- Randy

  2. I am loving this type of photography