Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Jasia and Schelly Show via DearMYRTLE

For those of you who enjoy listening to podcasts, Schelly Talalay Dardashti, author of Tracing the Tribe blog, and I were guests of DearMYRTLE on her podcast posted today. You can listen to or download the podcast from DearMYRTLE's site. Our portion of the podcast begins about 37:30 into the program. Schelly and I discuss the use of the titles "genealogist" vs "family historian" and touch on other topics as well.

Myrtle is a very gracious hostess and Schelly is a very polished speaker. They both made me feel very comfortable about participating in this podcast. It's a lively discussion that I enjoyed very much. Schelly has a very engaging personality and Myrtle has so much share, I think the three of us could have gone on chatting for hours (but don't worry, we didn't)!

I want to say a special thank you to Myrtle and Schelly for giving me the opportunity to chat with them, promote our community of genea-bloggers, and the Carnival of Genealogy. It was fun!


  1. Hi Jasia,

    I read Myrt's blogpost this afternoon and spent an enjoyable 30 minutesl istening to you, Schelly and Myrt. Nice job!

    And now I know how to pronounce Jasia...but now I don't know how to spell it phonetically! Yah-she-ah? With a California accent, of course!

    Cheers -- Randy

  2. Thank you, Randy! I've never done a podcast before and I was a bit nervous about trying to keep up with Myrtle and Schelly... who are both professional speakers. But I don't think I sounded too amateurish. At least not for a first interview.

    (Phonetically, I'm Yah-shah)

  3. Hi, Jasia,

    You were great, and I like that title, The Jasia and Schelly Show."

    Maybe we should take it on the road?

    Thanks for making it a great podcast. I was also nervous as I hadn't done one before either.


  4. Well, I'll have to download the show to my iPod tonight! Can't wait to listen!