Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pierogi Festival 2007 - Great Fun!

I had a great time at the Pierogi Festival. Where were you?

The weather was perfect, the church was full, and every one was in high spirits today at Sweetest Heart of Mary's and Pierogi Festival. The Polka Mass was beautifully done by Pan FranekZosia (and daughters). Father Mark Borkowski gave a wonderful history lesson about the beginnings of the parish and the immigrant Poles who founded it in his sermon. If you missed it, you missed a wonderful opportunity to learn about your Polish immigrant ancestors in Detroit. So much better than a genealogy conference... the surroundings were so much more grandeur and spiritual.

The pierogi and chicken dinners were delicious as usual. The nalesniki, yummy. I thoroughly enjoyed the band... watching the Halka dance group and the festival goers who kicked their heels up when the band played their polkas.

I walked around the boutique and talked with Dorothy who runs it every year. She's such a sweetheart. Then I strolled over to another table and bought a pierogi pin... I just love jewelry ;-) Once around the bake sale table and my choice was cream cheese frosted pumpkin bread. I made a final stop at the table where they sell mementos of the parish and bought a hand-painted-in-Poland Christmas ornament of the church.

It was such a wonderful day. But guess what? You can have fun at the festival too! They're going to do it all over again tomorrow... Mass at 10:30am and the festival starts up again immediately afterwards. You can find out the details on the parish blog. Enjoy!


  1. Who wants to cook on a hot day. The food is just as good as it looks. Yes even the beer. Don't be sorry you missed out.

  2. Jasia, I browsed to your blog this morning, as I usually do, and all of a sudden photos of this wonderful looking food starts scrolling across my screen... It's just not fair to tempt and tease your readers who don't live near Detroit!


  3. Maybe it's time for a visit to Motown, Tim. If you can't make it for the festival today that's OK. I know some great restaurants in the area selling pierogi ;-) Next best thing to the ones at the Pierogi Festival (or my mom's)!

  4. Hi Jasia, you got my mouth watering for pierogi, so I picked some up at the local Polish deli. For me, pierogi are "comfort food". They bring back happy memories of my youth!

  5. Just got back from the Pierogi Festival and had a great time. The food and music was fantastic. As always, walking through the church reminded me so much of being in Poland.

  6. We were there Sunday for the 10:30 Mass. Fr. Mark gave a great sermon on the history of S.H.M. He warned us near the end of Mass not to all rush over to the food area at once because we might overwhelm the workers. The pierogi were delicious. The kids enjoyed the magic/clown show. It was nice seeing so many people have so much fun.

  7. I love the slide show!