Thursday, September 20, 2007

...But Not Too Proud!

Announcing Jasia's Memoirs!

Here's the tell-all book that will tantalize and torture you with tasty tales... pick up a copy today at your local news stand!

Early Reviews:

From The Pierogi Makers of Detroit,
- Smacznego!

From the Paczki Makers of Hamtramck,
- Smacznego!

From the Polka Partiers of Chicago,
- Smacznego!

From Janice at Cow Hampshire,
- Enough with the food already!

This blog post is intended to make you smile. It was a slow news day for Janice and she challenged us to join her in some fun. So here you have it, my idea of Polish genealogy humor...


  1. From the Posters of Preston
    Sexy and Zabawny!

    (Hope I have the correct Polish word - I'm sure you'll tell me if I don't);D

  2. Great cover - such style! I'm sure it will be a bestseller.

  3. When is the book signing?!? :D :D


  4. I'll take 2 copies, please! One for intense study, the other for showing off. :-)

  5. Bardzo zabawny! Gdzie wola biblia podpisywanie być?

    (I hope I didn't just type something rude :)

  6. I'll take the pierogi! It's hard to find good ones down here in East Tennessee.