Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Michigan weather in April doesn't get much better than it is today. But just in case you're not appreciating our balmy 70 degree forecast let me share with you this photo taken in my neighborhood on April 24, 2005.


  1. Somehow I just can't image you ever being wordless.

    Please send balmy my way. So tired of sleet, hail, and snow.


  2. Hi Jasia,

    I remember that day (or days) because it snowed up in the area of my university at that time. It was definitely freak weather.


  3. Well, we really ARE appreciating the lack of snow here in Ontario, since we recently had so much of it. We appreicate it so much, in fact, that it seems to make headline news quite often!

    Stop the presses, it's spring! :)

  4. Whatever balmy Jasia sends you, fM, I hope it will be enough for our whole corner of the country!

  5. This week has been amazing. We had a snow storm on the 18th last year and I wasn't snow free until early May. Back to spring weather starting today but there better not be any snow before October!