Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just a quick blog post because I'm really under a time crunch with a challenging web design project, the COG, and a bunch of family stuff going on. Hopefully I'll have most of this stuff wrapped up by the end of the weekend and be back to more regular blogging next week.

I had the pleasure of dining with Apple last night. For those of you who are not aware, she's on a week long genealogy research trip here in Michigan. We talked of many things but more than anything else we talked about how fortunate she is to have found a virtual treasure chest of family history information at the Bentley Library on the U of M campus. She has taken well over a thousand photos of the treasures in her chest (probably over 2 thousand by the end of today)! Without a doubt she's hit the proverbial jackpot. And it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

I expected I would like Apple when I met her in person and I wasn't disappointed. She's warm and friendly, quick to smile and very down to earth. We talked and talked and the first time I glanced at my watch almost 3 hours had passed! Needless to say we found plenty to talk about. It was a delightful evening!

Apple suggested that my own treasure chest of family history information was probably awaiting me somewhere in Poland. I agreed with the possibility that it was there and expressed my hope that someone would make it easy on me and just drop it in the mail. From Apple's lips to God's ear... I got home to find an email from a connection in Poland telling me that they are sending me a book that someone from the village of Wojnicz with the same surname as my maternal grandmother wrote. The book is about the history of Wojnicz and this person's experiences there during WWII. It's yet to be determined if I am related to the author but I'm thrilled to be getting the book just the same! Who knows? Maybe this is my own treasure chest...


  1. Jasia:

    How terrific that you and Apple got to meet.

    When I read her post I knew she couldn't be seeing anyone but you!

    Her find is absolutely amazing, the kind of thing we all hope will happen for us someday.

    Cross fingers, your book will be a treasure trove.


  2. What an exciting gift to you. Now to translate from the Polish. I feel your pain, only
    in Hungarian and Croatian.

    Small-leaved Shamrock
    A light that shines again
    100 Years in America

  3. Wow! The genea-blogger ESP is working overtime! It seems for the last week that everytime I either posted or commented on something, Kathryn at California Genealogical Society and Library Blog was channeling the same thoughts.

    I've readily accused or of having Salem witch ancestors and now I think I've found another one!! LOL

  4. I had a great time! I'm so glad we could meet and hope we can again when I come back.

    The news about the book is wonderful! I hope it holds lots of treasure for you.

  5. With that sort of a result Apple should have a steady stream of dinner invitations...
    How long till that wonderful book arrives Jasia? At least you have plenty to keep you busy and out of mischief until then!
    Happy reading,

  6. It sounds like Apple is having a great trip! It's always nice to meet a friend who you've never actually met before but feel like you've known them for a long time :) Great find when you got home!

  7. Dear Jasia, I know your a busy
    lady so you do not have to do
    the meme but I would like to
    give you an award at my other
    (Hugs) You deserve it!