Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings, 2008 Stanley Cup Champs!

The fireworks are going off and Mother Nature hasn't moved in with her version yet. Detroit is a happy town tonight! Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings on being the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions!

I'm not a hockey fan but I am a hometown fan. I couldn't be more pleased that Detroit has something to celebrate. We've had our share of embarrassment and shame lately with our immoral hip hop mayor and his text message scandal. So it's nice to be able to pick our heads up and smile for one night anyway. YEAH RED WINGS!

I didn't use a kit to create this scrapbook page but I did use a template created by the very talented and generous Deltapdawn.


  1. Jasia -- Great tribute to the Redwings on their win.

  2. Hi Jasia,

    It's a beautiful tribute. Too bad it couldn't have been for the Pittsburgh Penguins though ;-)

  3. Thank you Kimberly.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins do deserve a tribute. They certainly played the Red Wings tough! Since I don't have photos of the Penguins I guess you'll have to create it ;-)

  4. Jasia,
    I am not a sports fan but really am happy when a home teams wins. This town needs all the positives it can get right now. The Wings worked hard for the Stanley Cup and the Penquins played a good game. Nice tribute to the Red Wings.