Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Is For Kids!

Does anyone know how to enjoy winter more than children do? I don't think so. Perhaps those who are still young at heart could argue the point but they'd have be pretty persuasive to convince me!

I remember having loads of fun playing in the snow with my friends when I was a kid. I also remember fingers and toes so cold they hurt even after I came in from the cold!

The pictures above are some of my very favorites of my brothers when they were kids. Oh to have the time to frolic in the snow, make snow angels, ride sleds, and build snowmen and igloos! The top photo on the page was taken before I was born when my parents still lived in Detroit. I'm pretty sure it was taken in the backyard of their home. The bottom photo was taken in our backyard in Dearborn. I must have been 2 or 3 years old at the time. I have the vaguest recollection of that igloo.

It's been a long time since I've frolicked in the snow. These days my idea of winter fun is heading out to a local park to photograph winter in all its glory. That's enough exposure to the cold for me!

Scrapbook kit used was, "Knocking on Winter's Door" a collab it by JenU and Phuong.


  1. I remember the snow storms that provided my sisters and friends in the neighborhood with HOURS of fun in the snow and cold and wet weather. Who cared? We once built a snow hill from the roof of our house to the street (of course, no one could travel on the street because they were not plowed!). We connected a hose inside the house and ran water over it to freeze it, which didn't take long and whipppeeeee, sledding here we go! Those were the days! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! What a creative idea... a snow hill from the roof of your house! I'll bet your mom was more than a little nervous about that, LOL! It does sound like great fun though. Wish I was there!!!

  3. Dad built a snow hill for us to sled on in our backyard. He also built a skating rink in our yard. No wonder he had back troubles later on. Another year, we constructed an igloo which was so very warm inside, as I recall. Used to go ice skating and look forward to these winter activities, not anymore!

  4. There was a time I loved to be out in the snow. Now I wish I lived someplace that was warm year round. This is snowmobile country and I know many adults that look forward to snow.

    We never made an igloo but there were many snow caves dug out.

  5. We dug caves, too. In northwestern lower Michigan there was always plenty of snow. I remember taking my sled and walking 5 or 6 blocks to a hill which was part of a city park. There was also a skating rink. We stayed all afternoon, whether it was Saturday or Sunday. I was always glad to be there, instead of at home doing housework! I don't care for the snow now.

  6. Gee wiz, you guys had lots more winter fun than I did. My snow creations consisted of an occasional snowman... no backyard skating rinks, snow forts, or snow hills for sledding. We did have a park in the city with a hill for tobogganing and a skating rink but I hated pulling that toboggan up that hill...

    Apple, I'm with you. I'd like to live somewhere with year round warmth!

  7. You're inspiring me to start scrapbooking - what a beautiful page!
    Evelyn in Montreal
    A Canadian Family

  8. Jasia,

    I love your winter themed scrapbook page.