Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Polish Catholic Churches of Detroit, St Cunegunda

St. Cunegunda Catholic Church, Detroit

Address: 5900 St. Lawrence, Detroit, MI 48210
Phone: (313) 843-4717
Parish Email:
Facebook Pages: St Cunegunda ChurchI survived and loved St. Cunegunda grade school; St. Cunegunda - Detroit, Michigan Class of 1974
Current Parish Status: Active
School in Operation: No
First Year Parish Founded: 1927
Year Church was Built: 1951
First Pastor: Rev. Fr. Alexander Wilczewski
Pastor in 1985: Rev. Fr. Francis Zdrodowski
Current Pastor: Rev. Zbigniew Grankowski
Mass Schedule in 1985: Saturday 5:30pm (English); Sunday 8:30am (English), 10:00am (Polish), 11:30am (English)
Current Mass Schedule (2010): Saturday 3:30pm; Sunday 11:15am (Polish/Spanish); Wednesday 8:00am (Polish)
No. of Families in Parish in 1985: 927
Percentage of Polish Descent in 1985: 80%
Considered as a Polish Ethnic Parish: Yes
Polish Religious Traditions Preserved: Yes
Location: West side

In 1985, the elementary school had 170 students and the principal was Dorlores Pawlak. The school is now closed.

The parish has an outstanding mosaic in the area of the main altar.

For more information visit the Archdiocese of Detroit web site.

The Souvenir book of the fifth anniversary of the founding of St. Cunegunda Parish, 1927-1932 has been cataloged and is searchable on the PGSA web site.

Some information from, "The Polish Roman Catholic Churches of Metropolitan Detroit" by PERC. c. 1985. Used with permission from Michael Krolewski, editior.


  1. Wow, Jasia, what an amazing new look for Creative Gene! I knew something was up when the blog title appeared differently in my reader. It's nice to see churches that are still functioning in this series. Some day I may try to do something similar for Ruthenian churches.

  2. Thanks Greta! My 5 year blogoversary is coming up on Monday and I thought it was the perfect excuse to give my blog a fresh new look. I was soooo bored with the way it was... I let it go too long without an update. But now I like it!

  3. Jasia Are you sure this church is in Detroit? Looks like St. Patrick's Church about a mile east of me in Spokane, Washington.

  4. Charles, I took the picture myself and I've never been to the great state of Washington ;-) Perhaps the two churches were built by the same architect.

  5. St. Pats is older just celebrated 100 years last summer, so maybe they used the same blueprints to save money.