Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The One (Genealogy Record) That Got Away

Several years ago, I came across a vital record of an ancestor of mine... one Sobestyan Baron. I don't remember exactly what kind of record it was. It was definitely a Polish church record that I'd found on an LDS microfilm. But I don't know if it was a baptismal, marriage, or death record. What stands out in my mind (and I can picture this very clearly) was the elaborate script used and the fact that what ever happened to Sobestyan Baron was witnessed by a nobleman... not a common occurrence for members on my family tree. In fact this was the only instance in all the records I've looked at.

I remember that this particular record was from back in the 1700s, and I remember taking a digital photo of it. But I'll be darned if I can find it. I've gone back to the films twice, combing over them but I can't find this particular record of Sobestyan again. It's not that I can't find any records of him. I have one, a marriage record (for his second marriage). But I can't find the one with the elaborate script that I remember.

I'm not in the habit of losing, or mislabeling my digital photos. In all the years I've been doing genealogy research, I can't think of another instance where I lost or mislabeled a digital photo. I'm not perfect, so of course it's possible that I mislabeled it. But I've looked through my document photos so many times trying to find it I can't imagine how I could have missed it. The other possibility is that I accidentally deleted it. If I did, it was a couple of computers and hard drives ago and I'm not going to be able to retrieve it.

This is the record that eludes me. It's the one that got away.


  1. Speaking as a disorganized person who loses track of photos all the time, I can tell you the best way I've found to discover where they're hidden is with Picasa. It's an awesome program, and "free" is a very good price.

  2. Jasia, I apologize for being so johnny-come-lately but I finally have a free moment and I wanted to use it to say thank you for your submission. It is much appreciated! I don't feel so alone anymore now. :-)

    ~ Lee