Sunday, January 21, 2007

North American International Auto Show

I was born in the Motor City so of course I'm into cars. In between my two trips to the Plymouth Ice Spectacular yesterday I went to the North American International Auto Show being held this week in Detroit. Talk about a great photo op!!!

The Auto Show is a big event in Detroit each year, arguably the biggest. We in the Motor City take great delight in checking out the new models each year... the concept vehicles are always the biggest draw.

I took my camera with me and had a field day of fun with it. There were so many great cars and trucks to photograph! I took a bunch of photos (100+) and uploaded a selection of them to my online photo album. To make it more fun, I've put captions on them. I've chosen a "set of wheels" for each of my blogging buddies. Check them out and let me know if the "wheels" I've chosen suit you. I recommend you view the collection in slideshow mode. Once the slide show begins you'll see a set of controls at the bottom of the screen. The default time is 4 seconds but you'll need to up that to at least 6-7 to be able to read the captions and see the photos. Enjoy!

Who do you think I chose the hot set of wheels pictured above for?


  1. I think you made wonderful choices. I am especially pleased with mine. Only wish I could pick one up today. :-)

  2. I like mine and my favorite color, too. Could have used it Friday when I got stuck in my driveway!

  3. When can I expect my Saab to be delivered?

  4. I'm fine with mine, thanks. I may have to trade it in, though, once I see how much legroom it has. :)

  5. Hi, Jasia, I tried to comment twice in the last couple of days, but Google wasn't playing nice and wouldn't let me!

    Thanks for the new car! So much cleaner than my Subaru stationwagon, now splattered with muddy slush. Snow, thaw, freeze, snow, thaw,'s getting old!

  6. How did you know?!? :D

    (I was greatly inspired when I saw Who Killed the Electric Car. My next car is giong to be a hybrid: electrical plug-in and biodiesel. They have to invent it, tho. They've got the hybrid gasoline part, and they've got the bio diesel part. Now hybridize them. If volt comes out first, well... I'll reconsider.)