Friday, June 22, 2007

Am i nuts?

I am at the janet evanovich book signing. Been here 4 hours, and i probably have another 1.5 hours to go to meet janet. What are you doing this friday evening?


  1. Well, since you asked...I am actually reading one of her books, Ten Big Ones, the earliest of the Stephanie Plum series I could find in the library! Thought I'd check my Google Reader between chapters...what an amazing coincidence! Have fun, and thanks for the great tip. I love the book!

  2. Yes, you must be! Who is the addicted one in this gaggle of genealogists? And its not even a genealogist you're getting to sign the book!

    I have seen her books on the library shelf - should I try one? Which one? I like mysteries - crime, political, historical.

    I hope you made it home to bed at a decent hour. Did you get your picture taken with Janet?

    Cheers -- Randy

  3. What am I doing? Well, now I'm laughing, thanks!

    Okay, I admit, I did stand in line once to get a book signed by Gloria Steinem, but not that long!

    Hope you got your prize!

  4. Not nuts!

    I have tried to get all my favorite authors to sign their books when they show up in Seattle.

    I waited in line hours for P.D. James and David McCullough, but it was worth it!


  5. It was worth it. Standing in line all that time to meet Janet was definitely worth it. I've never attended a book signing like this before. In fact I've only attended one other signing (for James C. Martin) and I got preferred seating and signing because I did his web site ;-)

    Thanks for all your comments!