Friday, June 15, 2007

Looking for a Little Help From My Friends Again

We get by with a little help from our friends, right? I'm hoping some of you will help me get by this summer by taking a turn at hosting the Carnival of Genealogy.

I'm a bit overwhelmed with stuff right now, much of it having to do with my mother's death back in April. I have boxes and boxes of "stuff" of hers that I've inherited. I need time to go through it all and catalog it, scan it, and photograph it before I can put it away. And at the moment it is all sitting right smack dab in the middle of my office, making it very difficult to function in that room. And then there's all the financial decisions, and paperwork, and the rest of the stuff I still have to move from her house to my house, and well... you get the picture.

I can't figure out a way to add hours to the day so I have to look at ways to cut back on some of my other activities to make time for dealing with my mom's stuff. And I must confess that summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. We have been having the most splendid weather here in Detroit for the past couple of weeks and I'm just not getting a chance to get out and enjoy it. And you know how times flies... before we know it school will be starting again and fall will be knocking on the door. I need a good fix of summer!!! I'm a desperate woman!!!

So I'm reaching out to my genea blogging buddies and asking you to consider hosting an edition of the COG. You'd be free to pick your own topic and do what you want with it. You needn't follow my format. If you'd like to see a list of the topics previously featured in the COG you can do so here. If you host it you would receive emails from as posts are submitted to the COG and a day or so before the deadline you'll received a templated html page with the submitted articles in it. You won't be able to use it as is (it's never right :-7 ) but it's a starting point. It generally takes me 4+ hours to put an edition together even now when I don't have to go out and research a topic myself.

The dates that I'm looking for help with hosting the COG are the July 1st, August 1st, and September 1st editions. If you're interested in hosting one of these editions please leave a comment below or send me a private email at imjasia at yahoo dot com.