Thursday, August 09, 2007

PGSA Annual Fall Conference (and Pierogi)

The Polish Genealogical Society of America will be presenting its 29th annual fall conference September 28-30, 2007. The conference will be held at the Schaumburg Marriott in Schaumburg, Illinois. The slate of speakers includes: Matthew Bielawa, Chita Hunter, Edmund Iwanski, my good buddy Ceil Jensen (hi Ceil!), Larry Mayka, Steve Morse, Malgorzata Nowaczyk, Robert Sliwinski, Paul Valasek, and Dirk Wales. You can download a conference brochure with registration form here. And no, you don't have to be a member of PGSA to attend!

If you do go to Chicago next month to attend the conference, you might want to indulge in some pierogi while you're there. After all, Chicago boasts the largest Polish population outside of Poland. They have a number of Polish restaurants that serve pierogi. It just so happens that there's an excellent online review at: Top Picks: Chicago's Best Pierogi. (They misspelled pierogi by adding an "s" on the web site... the word pierogi is already plural, the singular form is pierog. But hey, we forgive you!) The review site has a nice map with the locations for 8 Polish restaurants scattered around Chicago and includes a short review of each restaurant and links to each restaurant's own web site. Bookmark this one!

So now that I've got your mouth watering for pierogi, don't forget that Sweetest Heart of Mary Parish's annual Pierogi Festival is this weekend here in Detroit (YES! Yet another shameless plug for this wonderful event!). I hope you'll be able to attend the festival but if not, please say a little prayer for good (rain-free) weather. The festival workers put in so much time and effort all year and we don't want a little thing the weather to put a damper on all the fun!

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