Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Perspective on WWII

Author and historian Norman Davies offers a different perspective on WWII. In a recent lecture on the topic, "Who Won WWII", at Harvard University he examines the war in Europe from a European perspective. It has a much different slant than what we're used to here in the U.S.

Essentially, Davies suggests that WWII was really a battle between the Germans and Russians and that the U.S. came in too late with too little to change the tide of what was already happening in Europe. He goes on to contend that the U.S. was too preoccupied with events in the Pacific to really commit the kind of manpower, logistics, and supplies needed to dominate the European theater of war.

Davies makes a good case for his perspective. Read the full article on the Harvard University Gazette Online site and see who he thinks won WWII.


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  1. Agree on the Russians won the war thang, at least partially. It explains lots that went on at the Potsdam conference, when Stalin/Churchill/Truman set out the post-war divvying up of German-occupied territories into what would become the Iron Curtain.

    I spent a bit of time in this when I was doing my 1945 liveblog of the atomic bomb, and covered the Potsdam conference as well (the first test in New Mexico took place while the Potsdam conference was happening).

    Tho am learning tons more about WW2 european troop moves thanks to the Ken Burns infographics. :)