Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Faces On The Tree

Randy's wondering if he should add pictures to his Family Tree Maker and Ancestry databases. I don't use FTM, I use Legacy Family Tree software. But the question is still relevant.

I used to add pictures (portraits) to my databases but I don't any more. The problem is, every time I get a new computer (every year), I go through and "clean up" my data files. That usually results in combining some file folders and deleting others. Inevitably, I lose the link from Legacy to the file folders where the images are stored. It's not difficult to find and relink the folders, just annoying to have to do so. I finally just gave up and don't bother any more.

It was nice to see the faces of the people whose information I was pulling up though. And if I was going to publish a family history "book" from Legacy I would definitely go through and relink all the images again. A printed family group sheet or ancestry tree is ever so much more visually interesting with faces on it. Don't you agree?


  1. I also started adding photos to my database which happens to be in FTM but I found that it greatly increased the size of the data file and it didn't offer a lot of flexibility in terms of using key words, etc.

    So I've removed most of mine for now and I agree that building an album either using the Ancestry Publisher tab or digital scrapbooking might be better.

  2. I use PAF & don't put pictures in with my main database. I am working on a free googlepages.com website for my family history & so I am going to put pictures up there. That is sort of self contained. But my research database I backup on my jumpdrive & back & forth, so 1/2 the time the pictures links wouldn't work anyway, beause "Putting in pictures" is Just that - associating the links to the pictures on my hard drive in My Documents> My Pictures. When making a family history CD for your relatives you can add pictures in the right places, but you have to really plan it out. I have family pictures in folders by families so far.