Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Blogging Year in Review, 2007

I didn't set any goals for myself in terms of blogging for 2007 but I accomplished quite a bit even without them. When I look back on the year I'm a bit surprised at how much I was able to write. I often feel like something of a slacker because I can't produce the volume and quality of work that my blogging buddies who are retired can. But I think I've done all right for a part-timer.
Not a bad body of work all things considered. I'm rather pleased with it.

What did I enjoy writing the most? Without a doubt it was the 24 posts for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. Not only was I writing about a happy subject but I was writing from memory… my favorite way to write. I guess that suggests I should be writing a personal blog instead of a genealogy blog, eh? The truth is, I don't mind doing research for a blog article. In fact I enjoy it. What I don't enjoy, and truly detest, is footnoting and all the technical details involved in putting together a professional, academic-caliber piece. I guess that's why writing fiction appeals to me… no rules! LOL! I guess we know who won't be receiving the footnote Maven's "Good Citations Stamp" anytime soon ;-)

So what did you enjoy reading the most?

I'm still playing around with the idea of creating a format for my blog (e.g. Monday is photography day, Tuesday is genealogy day, etc.). On the one hand I'd like to be able to pre-write my blog posts. I did that with about 1/3 of my 24 Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories posts. It took a lot of pressure off me and made the writing process more enjoyable. On the other hand, I bristle at the idea of having to conform to "rules" on my blog even if they are of my own making. I may give it a try though just to see if I like it. That's not an official new year's resolution by the way, just something I'm thinking about ;-)

Any thoughts on the idea?

Tomorrow I'll post my new year's resolutions for 2008.


  1. I don't think I could ever conform to a set topic on each day of the week; however, I think setting aside just one day for one topic could be interesting. I've seen a lot of photography blogs do "Wordless Wednesday".

  2. Jasia, your posts are definitely quality work; don't sell yourself short for not putting out the volume!

    I'm very much like you in that I would love to have a set plan for blogging, but then know myself all too well...I don't like the pressure! ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Just putting together 19 carnival editions would be a great body of work! I know that's a lot of work.

  4. Hey kiddo - a great "roll up" of your blogging year. I also read the tribute to your Mom from this past April - a truly wonderful piece.

    I too toyed with the idea of having set topics for certain days of the week. But I think it is too restrictive for me right now. I am a big believer in there being more freedom when there are only a few choices. That's why the Advent Calendar worked so well: there were set topics.

    Here's to a great blogging year in 2008!


  5. Before we finally wave goodbye to 2007, I'd like to thank you Jasia, for helping bring genealogy blogging to the forefront with your promotion and posting of the Carnival of Genealogy. I am grateful.

    Happy New Year and Best Wishes in 2008.


  6. You a slacker? LOL

    I toyed with the idea of a daily format last year but instead went with separate blogs for separate topics. I enjoyed the October memory posts and the Advent Calendar posts so much that I am thinking about doing one memory post a week (mine or Mom's). I also wrote many of my December posts ahead, as things occurred to me. Maybe Memories on Monday or some such.

    I also look forward to the COG as it sometimes forces me to think about and write about topics I might not otherwise.

  7. Jasia, What a list! Thanks for all of the COGs --- and I hope you just "keep on keeping on" with all of your work.

    Of all your posts, however, the one that will stay in my memory bank forever is your wonderful essay "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't." Bouncy Horse to the rescue!

    Yep! I'd guess you are a HOGS Blogger at heart --- and, as such, I hope you write more from from your memory and from your heart. No footnotes needed there!!! LOL!


  8. Jasia,

    Having one goal is achievable for you having several projects already in the works. I have every confidence that it will happen and look forward to seeing the end result.
    Nowy Rok!

  9. Thanks to all for your very kind remarks! It's good folks like you all that keep me searching for interesting genealogy info to share and blogging even on the days when I don't feel like it.

    Your loyalty and support is most appreciated.

  10. You accomplished more in a week than I did the whole year. You rock, Jasia!