Monday, January 07, 2008

Finding All Sorts of Things...

Here I sit, watching the BCS Championship game on TV, with the window open as a mild breeze blows over my bare toes. Unbelievable for Michigan in January! We reached 64 degrees today. My neighbor was walking his dogs wearing shorts!

I've been buried in a major project for the past couple of weeks (since the day after Christmas). I finally got my new computer and have been transferring files and loading software and drivers ever since (still not done). I've wanted a new desk for sometime now, ever since a magenta ink cartridge exploded on my old light maple one. I've been sitting at a desk that looks like it's been subjected to a blood bath. (Why is it that inkjet ink runs off paper when I accidentally spill on it but permanently stains everything it splatters on???) So it seemed like a good time to get a new desk too. And, well, might as well get a matching bookcase too!

Anyway, today I was sorting through some of the "stuff" in the magazine holders I keep on my bookshelves. I'm trying to get organized as I move into my new furniture. I found all sorts of stuff that I'd misplaced! I also found a couple issues of the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine that I picked up down at the Burton/DPS (they set extra copies of back issues out free for the taking). As I was thumbing through the table of contents I noticed that while the majority of articles in the magazines are about Detroit and its suburbs, they also have articles about out-state areas. I don't know if people who are researching in Michigan but out of the metro Detroit area realize that that this is a potential source for information. I don't think it would occur to me to look in the journal of a Detroit area genealogical society for information about western and northern areas of the state. So I just thought I'd mention it here.

It doesn't look like the DSGR has the content of past issues on it's web site but you can see the content of their current issue here.

I'm going to list the table of contents from the 2 issues I have in posts following this one.

Oh, oh. A tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning have been issued for our area. So much for mild breeze I was enjoying...