Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day!

This snow day was a gift, really. We were forecasted to get "a solid 8-10 inches" but we only ended up with about three. Still, the dire warnings were enough to cancel school for almost all of the districts in southeast Michigan. No complaints here. It's an excuse for me to play hooky! (I'm just a big kid at heart ;-)

I'm going to take this opportunity to get caught up on some stuff I've been wanting to get up on my blog. Ready, set, go!


  1. Thanks Jasia. Seems that Chicago unexpectedly got your gift. I am wondering where the return counter is right now.

    We tried to go out for our usual Friday routing (haircuts, groceries, Costco) but we couldn't get the car out. And in Chicago the back alleys are not plowed so once we pulled out of the driveway who knew what would have happened.

    But you are right, being snowbound has let me concentrate on genealogy stuff all day!!

  2. Today is a beautifully warm day in San Francisco. The sun is out and there isn't a cloud in the blue, blue sky. I'm stuck inside at work.

    We're expecting heavy rains all day Saturday and Sunday.

  3. We're glad you got your snow day. I just wish we'd get one. Maybe Thomas could wait until the temps get low enough for the snow to stick tonight and send his excess down here!

  4. Thomas I knew you needed an excuse to stay home and work on genealogy all day so that's why I conferred with Mother Nature about where to drop all that snow :-)

    Steve, :-P
    The thing that I hate most about Michigan winters is not the snow or cold or even the occasional ice storm... it's the months of gray days. I'm sure you know what I mean. Growing up in New York you surely had your share of the "lake effect" clouds even on days when no snow or rain fell from them. I envy you your sunny day today. Tomorrow's rain will give you an excuse to stay inside and work on genealogy all day!

    Lori, on behalf of Thomas and myself I bequeathe whatever snow we are still to receive this season to you. Enjoy!