Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

My fine feathered friend...

The other day I was sitting at my desk gazing out the window and wishing I was outside in the sunshine instead of inside working on web sites. Out of nowhere this fine feathered fellow came along to serenade me. I listened to him singing his very pretty song and wished I had a camera handy. When he didn't fly way after a couple of minutes I decided to grab my camera and try to catch him in the act. I got lucky and took a few shots with the lens I had on the camera but I didn't want to get too close and frighten him away. After all, it isn't every day a girl gets serenaded at work! It would have been the height of rudeness to interrupt his beautiful song. So I listened for a few more minutes and when he still didn't fly away I decided to go for it. I went into the other room and switched to my zoom lens and voila! He must have been waiting for me to get this shot because right after that he ended his song and few away.


  1. Jasia, You were serenaded by a fine looking Gold Finch. Good photo --- good vibes.


  2. He is truly a beautiful creature! What a blessing!

  3. Thanks for identifying my feathered friend Terry. I always thought I knew the birds in my neighborhood pretty well until my next door neighbor started building bird houses and bird feeders as a hobby. Now I see all sorts of birds around that I'm not used to seeing. This guys is one of them.

    You're right Ruth, he is a beautiful creature isn't he?

  4. Jasia,
    Goldfinches love niger seed. Get an upside down feeder for them and watch them enjoy the seed. Very cool picture.