Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil New Search Engine?

Did you hear about the new kid on the search engine block? (pronounced like "cool") debuted today as a Google challenger. It's brought to you by some ex-Google engineers and it claims to be bigger and better than Google. From Yahoo!:

For starters, Cuil's search index spans 120 billion Web pages.

Patterson believes that's at least three times the size of Google's index, although there is no way to know for certain. Google stopped publicly quantifying its index's breadth nearly three years ago when the catalog spanned 8.2 billion Web pages.

I gave it a try and entered "Creative Gene" in the search box. My first impression was good. I like the clean look and column layout. The results on page one were all relavent to my blog so that made me very happy :-) . But then I took a closer look and burst out laughing. There, right next to one of my blog links, was a fetish poster! LOL! Now I know that I don't have any fetish posters on my blog so I clicked on the image to see where it would take me. Turns out it took me right to my blog. I can't explain why the image is there or why another image further down the page appears next to another entry of my blog but it's not one of my images either.

I'm not making this up, look! (Click to view larger)

I'm thinking isn't quite ready for prime time ;-) Check it out and let me know what you think of!