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Carnival of Genealogy, 53rd Edition

Welcome to the August 4, 2008 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy! You're going to need a 64-ounce tall cold one to get through this edition so start pouring now. And while you're at it get yourself some cotton candy, elephant ears, and corn dogs... the Carousel Edition is ready to roll!

All genealogy-related topics are fair game in the carousel edition and we have variety the likes of which have never been seen before in the COG. May I be the first to welcome the first-time participants and thank them for sharing their genealogy experiences and knowledge with us. We're glad to have you join us!

So step right up and enjoy the 39 articles presented by the participants in this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will make you think, and some will make you shake your head. The writing is excellent and the knowledge is expert. Come on along for the ride!

Starting us off today, the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center presents Johnny Nichols posted at Sandusky History, saying, "The boxer known as Johnny Nichols had a lot of variations in his both his first and last names. This article discusses the various listings is assorted genealogical records for this athlete of Italian-American heritage."

robert lord presents Lord and Lady: Unidentified Messenger Shatters Family Secret posted at Lord and Lady.

Debra Osborne Spindle aka "Tex" presents All My Ancestors posted at All My Ancestors.

Colleen M. Johnson presents Canadian Census Records posted at Blog, saying, "The 1891 Canadian Census records have been added to Great news for my researching needs. How about yours?"

Janet Iles presents Archives of Ontario - Search the Collections posted at Janet the researcher, saying, "Janet Iles of Janet the Researcher, revisits a web site database to find new items of interest."

Bill West presents West in New England: THE LAST INDIAN RAID posted at West in New England.

Randy Seaver presents Chopped Liver is related to Wild Bill Hickok too posted at Genea-Musings, saying, "The supply of famous or infamous cousins for political figures is seemingly endless. What about the rest of us? Endless, also, if you have a fine colonial American ancestry. Randy Seaver finds that he is related to Wild Bill Hickok, as is Randy's cousin, Barack Obama."

OMcHodoy presents Blog Takeover posted at Orations of OMcHodoy, saying, "Woof! Woof! Woof, woof, woof woof WOOF!"

footnoteMaven presents John Campbell Is Dead posted at footnoteMaven, saying, "This is another chapter from my attempt at creative non-fiction in writing my family history. This chapter opens with the vignette describing the funeral of my Great Great Grandfather John Campbell of Carrollton, Missouri, and segues into his last hours."

Janet Hovorka presents Genealinspired posted at The Chart Chick. "Janet has written her first in a series of posts about how a genealogy story can inspire you and help you in your modern life. She is looking for guest bloggers. Take a look at the example of her friend Nicole, and let her know if you have a similar experience to share."

Lidian presents The Burglarious Entrance: Some Excitement In Williamsburgh, 1860 posted at The Virtual Dime Museum.

Becky Wiseman presents The Case of the $12 Box Coat posted at kinexxions, saying, "Some discoveries create more questions than they answer. An 1844 court case is one such discovery. But then, this Joslin family is full of little mysteries!"

Elizabeth P. Crowe presents Bastille Day?The French ?Fourth of July? posted at Crowe's Nest Genealogy Blog by Elizabeth Powell Crowe, saying, "A short collection of French genealogy links."

Valerie presents My Quest posted at Niwiska, Poland. Welcome Valerie! Glad to have you join us!

Lisa Louise Cooke presents The Louise Carousel posted at Genealogy Gems News, saying, "Carnival First-Timer Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems Podcast (Internet radio show) brought her carousel to life through a video combining art, music and old photos. So hang on to your cotton candy and enjoy the show!" You'll love this one! Thanks for joining us Lisa!

Jessica Oswalt presents What Happened To Harvey? posted at Jessica's Genejournal.

Terry Thornton presents Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Let's not talk about this . . . posted at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, saying, "For the 53rd Carnival of Genealogy I'd like to re-submit the article done for the 31st Carnival of Genealogy written in August 2007. The article, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Let's not talk about this . . ." is perhaps the most frequently requested one at HILL COUNTRY. It has even been included in a graduate course in history as part of the outside reading. The general topic of the article, Southern Unionism, is one still not much discussed in the Hill Country."

Steve Danko presents Source Citations for Polish Parish Records posted at Steve's Genealogy Blog, saying, "Steve writes about a recent trip to the Family History Center to view microfilms of Polish parish records. Steve describes the content of the films and discusses how to prepare complete and accurate citations for the records in those films according to the guidelines provided in Elizabeth Shown Mills' book, Evidence Explained."

Paula Goff Christy presents Paula Goff Christy's Blog: Belle posted at Paula Goff Christy's Blog, saying, "A photograph goes with this if you want it."

Val M presents From History of Houses to the Lives of their Builders posted at One Point in Time, saying, "How local homes and buildings of the past and present influenced my research; the stories that came from 'out of the woodwork;' and a strange but very true discovery in the attic of my own home."

Lori Thornton presents The Dearborns in England posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian.

John Newmark presents St. Louis City - 1908 posted at Transylvanian Dutch, saying, "John at TransylvanianDutch decided to submit an entry for the 47th edition of the Carnival a few months late. He discusses a 'place called home' by all four sets of his paternal great grandparents at some point between 1890 and 1910."

Amy Crow presents Waxing Nostalgic and a Seriously Cool Bag posted at Amy's Genealogy, etc. Blog, saying, "Amy Johnson Crow presents "Waxing Nostalgic and a Seriously Cool Bag." Amy has found herself thinking about the more recent past and challenges other family historians to do the same."

Mark Tucker presents RootsMagic 4 Mystery Tab Spoiler posted at ThinkGenealogy.

Marue presents The Benefits of Genealogy posted at Life at the Home20, saying, "Thanks for the opportunity to share."

Wendy Littrell presents The Case of Chase posted at All My Branches Genealogy, saying, "It took several years and the kindness of others to gather documented evidence of my great-grandmother's nephew. His story also includes what happens to a large inheritance when an heir isn't known to exist!"

Jasia presents Creative Gene: Genealogy Research Becomes Therapeutic posted at Creative Gene. An article I wrote a while back about my experience with my mother's Alzheimer's Disease updated with a newly added scrapbook page of my interpretation of her experience.

Miriam Robbins Midkiff presents Pygmy Goats in Alaska posted at AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors. Another story from my childhood in Alaska...some family history for future generations!

Craig Manson presents Carnival Carousel: Harvesting & Sharing the Bounty posted at GeneaBlogie. Craig gives us a peek at some of the mountain of genealogical information he recently received.

Al presents Adeline Sopa Q & A Interview posted at Polish-American Genealogy Research.

Matt Stewart presents Helpful Jews posted at Stewart Bike Trip: Odessa or Bust! This is a terrific example of the Internet powering meaningful genealogical research - as a result of online outreach, we were able to track down a living relative and shed light on entire branch of our family we never knew of before.

Richard P. McLaughlin presents Grandfather Paradox posted at Oh, the Places You'll Go.

Christina Laun presents 50 Awesome Tools for Researching Your Family's History posted at Bootstrapper.

Fred Black presents Have we Forgotten posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog.

Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips - Celebrating Your Heritage posted at Tip Diva.

Van Dort.MY presents Did Willem Van Dort marry a Kandian Princess? posted at Van Dort.MY. Did my ancestor marry into the Sri Lankan Royal household?

Carol Drummond presents The Twins Tradition posted at Genealogy and History Fan. It was fun writing this article and reminiscing about that time in my life.

The Mad Macedonian presents Prompting Yourself to Write 5: Where I'm From posted at Musings of a Mad Macedonian. A writing exercise that should prove an interesting, and fun challenge to any genealogist.

Susan Aldridge presents Hunting For James Morgan of Durham posted at James Morgan Iron Monger. One of the numerous blogs I keep in order to separate various Morgan families in PA-NJ- I thought I would submit this one this month.

That concludes this edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. Thank you for joining us! Now wasn't that a terrific collection of articles!?! I knew you'd enjoy them :-) Now it's time to finish off the cotton candy and elephant ears, wash all that yummy stickiness off your hands, sit down at your keyboard, and get your fingers tapping. Come on and join us!

Call For Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the COG is, The Family Language...Does your family use words and phrases that no one else knows or understands? Where did they come from? Did you ever try to explain your "family language" to outsiders? Tell a story about your family-coined words, phrases, or nicknames. This topic was chosen by Donna Pointkouski who will be hosting the next edition of the COG at What's Past is Prologue. Thanks Donna! The deadline for submissions is August 15th.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. See ya next time!

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