Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Technology Tuesday

Technology. Can't live without it but it sure can make you crazy.

The good news is, I have my laptop back! One week after I dropped it off at Circuit City I got a call that it was ready to be picked up. They had to replace the mother board, which is what we suspected the problem to be. It's amazing how doing without one machine can totally interrupt your work flow. It's not like I didn't have other computers to work on. But it was still a hardship to do without it. I'm sooo glad to have it back :-D

The bad news is my Epson scanner died. Yeesh! Here again I have a backup but it's not as well suited or situated for scanning photos (it excels at scanning multiple documents). Fortunately, I'm still within my 1-yr warranty period so off it goes to the local service center for repairs. I have no estimate yet on how long it will take.

One last technology item. I'm thinking about getting the new HTC Touch Diamond phone. I just love the cool touch screen (easy on my aging eyes ;-) and all the whistles and bells on it. My PDA is dying so I'm thinking of getting this phone which runs Windows Mobile 6.1 to replace it. Does anyone have any feedback on this phone? It's new so there aren't many reviews on it yet. I just thought I'd mention it here in case someone reading this has one and would like to comment on it. I'd appreciate hearing about it!


  1. Sounds just like when my stove died, the next week my refrigerator fell over.

    Love your cool new phone option. I'm looking at an iPhone. Same reason, eyes just not what they once were.

    Good luck!


  2. Windows Mobile needs lots of CPU power and RAM, and the HTC Touch Pro has that. It is a GSM phone too and it comes with the Opera Mobile browser. You've got to wonder about real-world standby and talk time though. It might be as bad as the iPhone, which users are beginning to complain about. The competing Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, also a Windows Mobile 6.1 phone, claims numbers about twice as good. They are both made by HTC, but the X1 has a larger battery.

    Have a look at the Palm Treo line. There are Windows models, but Palm OS is more attractive. You get the standard Palm PIM, you can run all Palm OS applications (such as GedStar), including utilities specifically designed for Palm phones. Palms work with Macs and integrate with many third party PIMs and email systems. You can pick and choose Office suites and menu systems. Most Treo models are GSM models for best sound quality. The newest model includes GPS. The best value for money is probably the low-end Palm Centro.

  3. Thanks for your input Tamura! I went ahead and bought the Touch Diamond (I don't need the keyboard the Pro has). I've only had it a couple of days but so far I love it. I'm replacing a Windows Mobile PDA so I really need to stick with a Windows Mobile device to be able to use all my software. And I have to stick with Sprint as my provider (the Sony Ericsson isn't offered). This really was the only phone that gave me all I was looking for.

    I do know what you mean about the battery life being less than wonderful. It's the only thing I can honestly say I'm not pleased with about this device.