Monday, October 20, 2008

When the Cat Came Calling, Revisited

It's time to tell the truth about my blog post for COG58, When the Cat Came Calling. And the truth is... it's fiction. I made up the whole story. Well, I guess you could say there were a couple of grains of truth sprinkled in here and there.

Truth #1: My mom didn't like cats, that's true. But I have no idea why.

Truth #2: My grandfather did died of pancreatitis on October 28 but it was October 28 of 1956 not 1935. And he died in a hospital where he'd been treated for the condition, not at home.

That's it. The rest was a product of my imagination. I have to admit, I could have woven a short story around this idea or maybe even more. Once I got into "writing mode" I wanted to run with the story line but I figured that would be a dead give away.

I hope you enjoyed guessing!