Friday, November 14, 2008

How 'My Doin?

I thought you might be wondering how my Christmas projects were coming along. Here's one from the set of ornaments I made for my mother in law on Monday. The most time consuming part of this project was trying to find good, straight-on photos of all the grandchildren. I ordered the ornaments from CostCo and I've already received a confirmation email indicating the set has been completed and shipped back to me. I can't wait to see them!

On Tuesday I created a calendar for 2009. I would like to have created scrapbook pages for each month with pictures of my ancestors but I just didn't have time to do that. Instead I put together a set of nature photos that I've taken over the last few years at Hines Parkway, a wonderful county park near our home. The tough part of this project was choosing which photos to use. I've taken in the neighborhood of a thousand photos in Hines Park over the years! I've sent the calendar off to a local printer and I'm waiting to get it back. Here are the photos for each month of my calendar.

And I got my Christmas card designed on Wednesday. This was another one of those projects where the time consuming part was digging through my boxes of photos to find ones I could use. I really have to make scanning my photos a higher priority! This too has been sent off to a local printer. Here's a peak at the cover...
The inside says, "... like us!" (When it comes to Christmas, we'll always be kids!) I used photos of each of us in front of a Christmas tree when we were kids. Pretty neat, huh?

I didn't get the book made for my daughter on Thursday. I had web design work piling up that I had to get to. But today is my catch-up day and I'll be working on that book!