Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday, Catching Up

It's a lovely November day today here in Detroit. The morning showers have ended, the sun is playing tag with the clouds, and the temperature will top out near 70 degrees! Yippee! I just can't spend the whole day at the computer when the warm autumn breezes are calling me to come out and play. But I do have some items to share while they're "fresh".

First, to all my Polish American readers. The folks at the Piast Institute are conducting a brief online survey (35 questions, takes 10 min. or less). You can read a brief introduction to it here. If you can spare a few minutes to help them out by completing their survey they sure would appreciate it!

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Donna issued a challenge to all genea-bloggers to write about their Polish heritage during October, Polish-American Heritage Month. She now has the compilation of all the posts listed on her blog... sort of a Carnival of Polish American Heritage! You'll even find a post written by an honorary Pole, footnoteMavenska ;-) Head on over and check it out! Great job Donna!


  1. Jasia,

    That was an interesting survey. I hope they post the results.

    Thanks for the link! I agree that Madame Mavenska's new name is grand. ;-)


  2. I do so love my name and the challenge.

    In making my choice for the article I had an also ran and I'm thinking of posting his story as well.