Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Snowy Sunday in Detroit

We're getting our first accumulating snowfall this afternoon. I've got a brief (20 second) video of it for you shot with my point and shoot camera. The view is through the bay window in my dining room. My little Vladi cat is in it too. (I obviously need an image stabilized camera for shooting video, sorry!) Anyway, this is for all my warm weather blogging buddies, Randy, Denise, Terry, Lori, Tex, Ruth, Steve, Colleen, Craig, Susan, Kathryn, and the rest of you who don't see snow very often...

I've been at work for hours on that book for my daughter. I'm discovering that book-designing is a lot like projects around the house... triple the amount of time you think it will take to get the job done and you'll be in the right ball park. I've finally got all the pictures picked out, edited, and placed in the templated pages of the book. I still have to write an introduction and put in all the captions. I expect that will take me a good couple of hours yet.

While I'm on the subject of creating books, here's a disappointing bit of news I have to share with you. If you're using Blogger or WordPress you can't "slurp" your blog to create a book at anymore :-(

Last year, at about this time, Thomas and I (Thomas did most of the work) sponsored an Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories carnival where we (a good handful of genea-boggers) wrote up our personal Christmas memories, one each day from December 1 till Christmas Day. It was a lot of work but also the most fun I had on my blog all year! I told myself that I would create a book of those blog posts and photos as a keepsake, using to make a short project of it.

Unfortunately, I procrastinated and that was a big mistake. Evidently last September Blogger and WordPress changed their APIs. So you can no longer "slurp" (directly upload your blog posts) from them to anymore. I guess has requested the new information from them to make the "slurp" process work again but they aren't playing nice and won't share. The bottom line is, you can only "slurp" LiveJournal and TypePad blogs.

You can still copy and paste all your text and photos to make a book of your blog posts at but how daunting a task is that?! If I just hadn't procrastinated so long I would have had my book done. That's what I get!

OK, time to get back to working on that book for my daughter...


  1. Cool. What's snow? That white stuff outside?

    It was 96 F here in Chula Vista today.

    That didn't help my Chargers - they justl ost to Pizzaburgh in the snow 18-10.

    Arggh. Randy

  2. 96 F? OK, you've got me envious! I'll trade you the white stuff we've got for the hot breezes you've got (you can keep the forest fires though).

  3. I loved your film staring Vladi!

    Snow is great to look at over the internet. Don't want it in my yard just yet.

    Bummed about the Blurb news.


  4. Sorry to hear the news about Blurb. I had mixed feelings about the process, however, after I uploaded one of my blogs awhile back. The layouts were pretty limited and I found that I was spending so much time moving things around to fit into their available templates that it might have been easier to just upload what I wanted one by one.

    I'd like to try the process again, however, with the newer version of their software. I hope Blogger and Wordpress will eventually cooperate.

    Blurb's idea is a good one, if they can make it a little more flexible.

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  5. Now that's the way I like to see snow - from a distance! Thanks, Jasia.

  6. You really didn't have to send the snow here - I'd have been quite happy with your video!

    I did a series of a memory a day in '06 and the Advent Calendar last year. I've been trying to think of something for this year because I really enjoyed both. Preserving them in book form is a great idea.

    I'm certain your daughter is going to love the book.

  7. Wow, those look like some big honkin' flakes!

  8. Jasia,

    Wladi looks like he is a relative to my two orange and white tabbies. He was probably thinking about how lucky he was to be inside. The video clip was good. It will be gone in a few months.

  9. The video was beautiful Jasia! I am happy with our "summer weather", but enjoy watching the snow as you showed it!

  10. My daughter loved watching your cat and hearing it meow. She also likes to say "snow," but being a California Girl, she has no idea what it is.

    Thanks for sharing!