Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Three Wishes to Genea Santa

Dear Genea Santa,

I don't have much holiday spirit this year. I know you understand why. But Christmas comes along whether we have the spirit of the season or not and that's not a bad thing. It reminds us of what really matters, being together with family and friends. Life must go on even through the difficult times. And so it will.

I've been thinking about members of my family who've gone before me. My wishes this Christmas are for things that remind me of them.
  1. I wish I had the diamond necklace that belonged to my grandmother, Sophie. It was promised to me all my life but is now in the possession of someone else. I was always told it was a gift to Sophie from her husband Vincent the first Christmas they were married.
  2. Anything from my dad to pass on to my son... a watch, a hat, his fishing tackle box... I just didn't think to save any of those sorts of things when he died. How I wish I had!
  3. An ornament from my great grandmother Ludwika's Christmas tree. Preferably a hand made one. I know she was quite the seamstress so I'm sure her needlework must have graced her tree. And it would look lovely on my tree as well!
I won't be surprised when Christmas comes and these things don't appear under my tree. I know what I'm asking for is nigh impossible. But wishes don't have to be realistic do they Genea Santa?

Here's hoping you're able to be with your family and friends this Christmas, Genea Santa. And may your holiday table be overflowing with good food and good cheer!