Sunday, January 10, 2010

My "Happy 101" Award

Nothing like a fun and friendly meme to get you thinking happy thoughts on a frigid January day. So it is with pleasure I accept the "Happy 101" award from Becky at kinexxions. Here are 10 things that make me happy...

1. Spending time in St. Joseph, MI
2. Being able to read online Polish web sites/documents thanks to Google Translate, and the online dictionary on the University of Pittsburgh web site.
3. My children
4. My husband
5. Extended family get togethers
6. Chocolate, dark to white and every variety in between
7. A phone call or email from a friend
8. Taking pictures, viewing pictures I've taken, creating scrapbook pages with photos I've taken, and displaying my photos
9. Sunshine
10. The Peanuts Gang (especially Snoopy)
11. Publishing a good edition of the Carnival of Genealogy
12. Finding new family in the course of my genealogy research
13. Amber
14. My dog and cat
15. Getting a new computer/phone/camera/software and having it work just like it should right out of the box
16. A good book
17. Paying the bills and having money left over

What's that you say? I was only supposed to list 10 things? Sorry, guess I got carried away in happy land. Sure was a nice day dream while it lasted!

In keeping with my "only pass a meme on to three people" rule, I'm going to tag:

Valerie at Niwiska, Poland

I know you guys don't like to post off topic on your blogs but hey, that's what Facebook is for!