Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dancing, the Fourth Generation

I didn't wait for my daughter to express an interest in learning to dance. I registered her for a jazz dance class when she was in kindergarten. And I did it again every year through the 8th grade. Like me, my daughter loved dance class. I don't think she liked performing for an audience any more than I did but she always enjoyed the music and movement in dance class.

I liked knowing my daughter was getting exercise, although that's never been an issue for her. I liked that she was learning to hear a beat and feel a rhythm. I liked that she met new friends and discovered new music. I only wish my son had been open to taking dance classes as well, but that was not to be. He would have been good at it too. He was one of the best at Dance, Dance, Revolution among his friends (so was my daughter). He can definitely make his feet move!

My daughter quit dance lessons when she got to high school because she was just too busy with other extra curricular activities. I still hold out hope that one day my son will develop a love of dancing (so does his girlfriend ;-) .

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