Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Polish Newspaper in Detroit

There's a new kid in town here in the Motor City. It's a new newspaper and it's called the Polish Times (Czas Polski). I picked up a copy this week and spent a few minutes looking through it. I couldn't spend too much time on it because most of it is in Polish. In fact, all but the last few pages are in Polish. The other Polish newspaper in this area, the Polish Weekly, is a half and half... half the pages/stories are in Polish and half in English. This new newspaper is definitely aimed at Polish speakers with only 6 out of 32 pages being in English. Unfortunately for me, those 6 pages don't contain the type of articles I'm interested in (I'm always looking for info about past, current, and future Polish ethnic events in the Detroit area). But if you speak Polish you may enjoy this new newspaper. Look for it at your local market or bookstore. I picked up my copy at the Polanka Market. I'm going suggest to the owner that she carry both newspapers because I don't think I'll be buying this one again.