Thursday, November 29, 2007

Announcing A New Blog

I received the nicest e-mail last evening. It was an e-mail I've been hoping to receive for over a year now. This e-mail was announcing the birth of a new blog. Not just any blog, but a genealogical society blog! So why am I so excited about this? Because this is the first blog I'm aware of that came about as a result of the series of articles that I wrote in August of 2006 on the declining membership in genealogical societies. It is truly gratifying to know that my series inspired someone to champion the cause and take the steps necessary to move their genealogical society into the 21st century.

I'm smiling from ear to ear :-D

In the scheme of things, this is just one small step for this genealogical society. But it's a step in the right direction. I applaud the Board of Directors who had the courage to support this idea and the individual who has taken on the task of authoring the blog. I'm sure she won't mind my telling you about her and her blog since in her first blog post she referred to me and mine.

Ladies and gentlemen, how about a round of applause for Kathryn at the California Genealogical Society and Library! Her new blog can be found at:

Congratulations on your new blog Kathryn!


  1. Jasia,

    I am quite sure that the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe blog at was started as a consequence of our discussions back in August 2006.

    My guess is that the Eastern Washington Gen society blog was too, since Miriam was a mover of that one.

    There are probably many others that started as a result of your series - I have about 15 society blogs on my bloglines list now.

  2. What a nice comment to receive! Thank you, Randy!

  3. Yes, Randy is right. Actually, when I met with the board of EWGS to submit my proposal for having a blog, I quoted both you, Jasia, and Randy. Donna Potter Phillips, EWGS board member, EWGS blogger, and author of many Internet Genealogy, Ancestry, and Family Chronicle articles also quoted from your conversations about the demise of genealogical societies.

  4. Thank you for sharing that, Miriam. You made my day!

  5. I happeded across your blog today while working on my family tree. I have spent the last several hours going through you site and several others and decided that I was going to create my own family blog. I love to blog and have a couple others. So I have created it and working on getting the information posted. I think this will be something wonderful to pass on to my children and can share with other family memebers across the miles....

  6. Good for you, Robin! The genea-blogging world is loads of fun. You'll meet the nicest people and will probably make contact with relatives you didn't know you had. Thanks for the comment!