Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun Abounds!

Blogging will be light the next few days as I'll be very busy having fun!

Tomorrow I'm going to see Mazowsze which is playing at the Music Hall here in Detroit. I'm really excited about this dance production as it has had rave reviews. There are still tickets available if anyone is interested. Visit the Music Hall web site for details. If you can't make it to see this exciting show I invite you to watch this 8 minute video about it. It will give you a nice preview of the show. I'm sure the dancing will impress you as it does me. I would suggest that you take notice of all the many costumes the dancers wear. The country of Poland is about the size of the state of New Mexico. But within it's borders there are many regions each with it's own style of folk costumes. Also notice the red coral beads commonly worn by the female dancers. These were/are highly valued in Poland. The dancing you'll see is traditional folk dancing. No Polkas here! (For those who aren't aware, the Polka is a Polish-American dance invented here in the U.S. and never seen in Poland.) When I think of Poland, I don't think of the country where WWII started or of the Holocaust. The Poland I think of is, Mazowsze!

Saturday is the all important Michigan vs Ohio State football game. It may be Lloyd Carr's last season as head coach of the Wolverines. This is a classic collegiate football rivalry that always has me cheering and booing till I'm hoarse. I don't have tickets to the game but I'll be glued to my big screen TV for all the action! GO BLUE!

Sunday I'll be attending the Polka Mass followed by the Feather Party at Sweetest Heart of Mary parish. Then I'm planning to take in the lecture on Polish Castles at the Livonia Library. I'm really looking forward to all this Polish culture!

And then there's the COG. I'll be working on putting that together this weekend too. It's going to be a duzy!