Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Christmas Yet

I'm remembering the special that was on TV last night, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and drinking a mug of hot chocolate (with a mountain of whipped cream on top). It's got me thinking cheery holiday thoughts. :-)

Normally by this time I'd have my Christmas tree up and and all my indoor decorations up too. I love the holiday season and gazing at the Christmas tree all aglow is very heart warming for me. My tree is always decorated with ornaments I've collected over the years, gifts from friends, souvenirs from family vacations, hand-made treasures, and many beautiful glass ornaments from Poland. I think of it as my "memory tree" because each year when I gaze at it, it triggers loads of happy memories of people and places near and dear to me.

This year my tree is still packed in the box and the ornaments are still in their wrappings. There are no signs of Christmas around my house yet. Why? Because a menace lurks around every corner, and his name is VladiCat!

If you remember, way back in January, I wrote a blog post about my new kitten, Vladi. Well, Vladi is now a cat, full of mischief and mayhem. I'm afraid that when I put my Christmas tree up he will topple it trying to climb to the top. And I'm worried that he will find my beautiful Christmas ornaments irresistible to play with. I can't spend every moment in front of the tree to keep VladiCat away (he's a sneaky one and would be at the tree the very moment I turned my back). So for now, there's no Christmas yet at my house.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to keep VladiCat away from my tree? Besides being the King of Curiosity, he also has a propensity for chewing on electrical cords. It could be a disaster in the making. Help!


  1. Is Vladi a Maine Coon? He looks a bit like one. Very cute :D We've not had a tree up for the past few years as our two like climbing!

  2. Vladi is a Heinz 57 cat. He has a long thick mane around the scruff of the neck, short hair across his shoulders, and long silky hair from the back of his shoulders to the tip of his tail (which the vet says may be the longest tail he's ever seen on a cat!).

    Oh, and he bites too :-7

  3. Jasia, You can't let this be the Christmas that VladiCat stole! Nail the tree to the floor! Tell VladiCat to leave it be.

    (Seriously, anchor the tree to something solid so that it has a large base; cover with an extra large tree skirt. Scold VladiCat whenever he gets to the tree --- and never, never, encourage him to play with the hanging ornaments.)

    HattieCat loves to escape to the attic room all year long and hide under our artificial tree which is partially assembled and on its stand under a dust cover.

    Merry Christmas,

  4. We always tied the top of the tree to the travis rod and put all of the unbreakable ornaments on the bottom half. We wrapped the wire hangers around the tree branches, which was a pain when it was time to take down the tree but they couldn't be easily knocked off. I would suggest putting up the tree with a few non valuable ornaments and see how Vladi reacts. Once he's used to the tree you can add your favorites.

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  6. Jasia, I have a rather mischievous dog, and I was worried about putting a tree up. Like you, I can't imagine Christmas with no tree. I got a big tree this year, and it's been up almost a week now. The dog's pretty much left it alone. Granted, I left the bottom 1/4th bare and granted, he's not a cat!

  7. Jasia,

    I would put that tree up! Keep the valuables in the middle and the top of the tree. Watch Wladi like a hawk and correct him immediately. We use a squirt bottle with water or a spice container of red pepper. All three cats know what that is and I rarely have to use it. We put non breakable ornaments on the bottom but do not allow them to bat those around either. Who knows what happens when we are not home. Once our three cats realize what is going on, the novelty wears off and they sleep underneath the tree. Makes for a good photo.

  8. I put the breakable ornaments higher so that Brumley can't reach them. My tree is out of the normal traffic path so that Brumley is not likely to topple the tree just by running on a tear through the house.

  9. Jasia,

    I have a frisky little Westie who thankfully is not a chewer, but her favorite place is the window right next to where we always put our tree. Once the tree is up, and especially if I am not nearby, I have to portable kiddy gates I put up to block entrance to the room. It's only for a few weeks!


  10. Thanks to all who've commented. You've given me some good ideas! I'm thinking maybe I'll just use my unbreakable ornaments this year, just in case. I can't bear the idea of having the ornaments I just inherited from my mom broken by VladiCat. I'm thinking maybe I'll put them on the tree long enough to photograph and then I'll pack them away to display another year when Vladi is older.

    I really appreciate all the suggestions. You guys are the best!