Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Carnival of Genealogy, 38th Edition

Welcome to the December 18, 2007 edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The theme for this edition of the COG is: The New Millennium. What were you up to? How did you prepare for the New Year 2000? GeneaBloggers write about their memories of the turn of the century and the turn of the millennium. Take some time out from your holiday happenings and see what these folks were doing. Maybe it will jog your memory...

Chery Kinnick relived the trip of a lifetime while ushering in the New Millennium in, Traveling on the Cusp of a New Millennium posted at Nordic Blue. Wonderful memories, wonderful writing! Thanks for sharing, Chery!

For Bill West the New Millennium meant the end of the worst year of his life. Read his sad story in, Y2K posted at West in New England. We're sorry to hear of your difficult year Bill, but awfully glad you got on with your life. This has been a difficult year for you too, losing Diana. Here's hoping that 2008 will be better.

Becky Wiseman shared her memories of New Year's Eve 1999 posted at kinexxions. She also included a clever little parody of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" that involves a certain little bug... Thanks for sharing, Becky!

Terry Snyder presents New Year's Eve ... 1999 posted at Desktop Genealogist, saying, "Thanks for an idea that pushed me to write on a topic that I never would have thought of exploring." I know why Terry wouldn't have thought to explore the subject of New Year's Eve 1999. She'd rather forget it! She had an entirely different little bug story to tell... Thanks for sharing with us, Terry!

Lori Thornton spent a quiet evening Ringing in the Millennium, posted at Smoky Mountain Family Historian. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Lori!

Thomas MacEntee tells us of, The New Millenium: Alone Again, Naturally posted at Destination: Austin Family. A quiet evening at home to ring in the New Millennium is a good thing when you're a IT professional who's been trying to head off "the bug" for past several months! Thanks for sharing, Thomas!

Janice Brown gives us all a great history lesson in, New Hampshire: Facing The New Millennium and New Century posted at Cow Hampshire. The ever clever Janice takes a look at what our ancestors might have been up to when they rang in the new century of 1900. Thanks for a great glimpse into the past Janice!

Terry Thornton presents Remembering Y2K posted at Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi. Terry got all ready for the world as we knew it to come to an end, Spam and all. Thanks for sharing what was happening in your corner of the world, Terry!

Apple writes about watching the Y2K celebrations around the world shown on CNN, posted at Apple's Tree. I'd forgotten all about CNN's great coverage of the Y2K celebrations until I read Apple's post. Thanks for reminding me Apple! And thanks for sharing your New Millennium's Eve with us too.

John Newmark points out that there is more than one calendar and the "New Millennium" was a relative thing in, Millennial Memories posted at Transylvanian Dutch. Thanks for sharing your very unique perspective, John!

Tim Agazio was far from home when the year 2000 arrived. In, The New Millennium in Task Force Eagle - Bosnia and Herzegovina posted at Genealogy Reviews Online Tim shares with us what it was like to be in the military and stationed far from home when the New Millennium arrived. Thanks for sharing your unique experience, Tim!

Susan Kitchens presents Y2K Retrospective posted at Oral Family History Using Digital Tools. And in this article she reflects on getting her start at blogging among other things. Can you believe she's been blogging for EIGHT YEARS?!!! How about a round of applause for Susan! Great going, girl! Thanks for taking us down memory lane with you!

Miriam Robbins Midkiff had her family well prepared in, The Midkiff Family: Y2K Ready presented at AnceStories. She too was ready to end a not-so-happy 1999 and welcome in 2000. Thanks for sharing your New Millennium experience with us, Miriam!

Jasia shares Welcoming the New Millennium posted at Creative Gene. I guess I come off looking like the party girl here. Come on over and see what I was up to as we counted down the hours till the New Millennium arrived!

That concludes this edition of the COG. I hope you enjoyed it! And now it's time for a Call For Submissions! The theme for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: New Year's Resolutions. As the year winds to a close in the next couple weeks it's a good time to review the progress made in our genealogy research and to make a plan for next year. So what did you accomplish last year and what road blocks did you encounter? What are your research goals for next year and how do you resolve to attain them? Write 'em up and submit your blog articles to the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using our carnival submission form. The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2008.

Since this is the last edition of the COG that will be published this year I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has participated in the Carnival of Genealogy in 2007. We've had some fun carnival editions this year along with some serious and scholarly ones. I like to mix up the themes not only to stretch ourselves as writers and researchers but to try to get more people participating. It is my hope that the COG has provided our readers with some thought provoking ideas, some eye opening issues, some great research suggestions, an introduction to some of our ancestors, and made for some good ole belly laughs. I certainly think that has been the case! A special thanks goes out to all my friends who took a turn hosting the COG this past year. I really enjoyed and appreciated your editions! Thank you!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah to you all! And may the New Year of 2008 bring you good health and every happiness!!!

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