Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

My DNA test kit from DNA Heritage came in the mail yesterday. It came in a plain 8.5" x 11" white envelope which kind of surprised me. There's no reason for the test kit to have more elaborate packaging but somehow I thought it would.

The white envelope came with simple to understand instructions, 3 cotton swabs in a sealed package, a permission-to-test form that has to be signed, an envelope to put the swabs in after they've been used, and a return envelope. That's it. Nice and simple.

I'll do the "swab thing" tomorrow morning, sign my permission-to-test form, and send it all off in the mail. Then I wait, 5 weeks according to the instruction sheet. That's the hard part ;-)


  1. Exciting stuff! I bet you can't wait for those 5 weeks to pass :)

  2. My husband got his 37-marker results back today, and we're still analyzing them. It's exciting, but confusing at the same time! Still waiting for my father's results. I'm curious to see what you'll find out with an mtDNA test, as I'm debating getting one of those myself.

    Enjoyed chatting with you yesterday at Scanfest!