Monday, February 11, 2008

Ode to Blogging

My blog is the Creative Gene
Genealogy is my scene.
I'm addicted to blogging
But I should be out jogging
At this rate I'll never get lean!

I author two blogs, don't ya know?
If only they helped me earn dough!
I wish I could raise
Even more than just praise
Then my bank balance wouldn't be low.

My ancestors know that I write.
They tell me in dreams every night.
They give me much credit
But won't help me edit
So I'm stuck correcting this site.

Obits, records, and deeds...
A researcher has her needs.
I blog just to share
Some days I don't care
'Bout my blog stats, comments, or feeds.

I wonder who's reading this post.
It could be my grandmother's ghost.
What comment do you think she'd pen
If she were alive once again...
A greeting or maybe a toast?

Enough with this poetry, Terry!
My efforts must surely be scary.
A poet I'm not
My blog hasn't got
An angel or guardian fairie.

My readers I'm worried will go
This limmerick sets a new low
I'm better than this
My research they'll miss
All because of a man from Monroe.

If anyone reading this rhyme
Could spare a mere moment of time
Please tell me true
If this makes you blue
And if you now wish I would mime.