Monday, February 11, 2008

Ode to Blogging

My blog is the Creative Gene
Genealogy is my scene.
I'm addicted to blogging
But I should be out jogging
At this rate I'll never get lean!

I author two blogs, don't ya know?
If only they helped me earn dough!
I wish I could raise
Even more than just praise
Then my bank balance wouldn't be low.

My ancestors know that I write.
They tell me in dreams every night.
They give me much credit
But won't help me edit
So I'm stuck correcting this site.

Obits, records, and deeds...
A researcher has her needs.
I blog just to share
Some days I don't care
'Bout my blog stats, comments, or feeds.

I wonder who's reading this post.
It could be my grandmother's ghost.
What comment do you think she'd pen
If she were alive once again...
A greeting or maybe a toast?

Enough with this poetry, Terry!
My efforts must surely be scary.
A poet I'm not
My blog hasn't got
An angel or guardian fairie.

My readers I'm worried will go
This limmerick sets a new low
I'm better than this
My research they'll miss
All because of a man from Monroe.

If anyone reading this rhyme
Could spare a mere moment of time
Please tell me true
If this makes you blue
And if you now wish I would mime.


  1. LOL! Jasia, I knew you were a poet! What fun. Thanks for entering the challenge.

    Now I'm going migrate a reader poem about you that came to my site. It is from Donna at Past/Prologue. I think you will enjoy it.

    Jasia writes at Creative Gene,
    Been searching for ancestors since she was a teen!
    Her works of art are finer than you've ever seen.
    Poland and Michigan, about which she'll tell,
    Captivating all readers in her spell.
    And of the Carnival -- she's the Queen!

  2. A reader poem for Jasia:

    Jasia is the Queen of Carnival
    She urges us enter work so cranial
    That we all end up hurting our carpal
    tunnels. But we do blog
    all about the COG
    Making sure our pieces are canonical.

    by TERRY

  3. Jasia,
    Oh no, please don't quit writing poetry! Like everything else, it was clever, true and fun to read.

  4. Blogger Jasia's
    musty records become bits.
    Her blog makes us rich

  5. (I treated Jasia as a 3-syllable word.)

  6. oh, and given the sentiments in the original ode, my haiku conclusion is a total cop out, I know. So I sought out an ad or two that piqued my interest. And clicked.

    Small, small moves.

  7. Awww, thanks you guys! (blushing)

  8. Love it!

    Here's one from me:

    The Queen of the COG does disarm,
    By use of her feminine charm.
    Called the sexiest yet
    On the whole internet.
    Unlike this bespectacled marm.


  9. Oh Miss Maven, how you do go on!


  10. Excellent poems, all!

    Still working on mine...

  11. The Creative Gene makes us post
    To the Carnival which she does host
    She shares creativity
    Through her scrapbooking activity
    She's loved from coast to coast.

  12. Jasia,


    There's Jasia with the Gene Creative
    Of Detroit Michigan she is a native
    Vitals of family are most probative.
    Karolina, Jozef and Sophia
    Will software be her panacea,
    Or will answers remain vegetative?


  13. Jasia hosts the COG
    A blog where you’ll always see
    A selection inviting
    Of genealogy writing.
    A Creative Gene-ius is she!

  14. I'm way behind on saying thanks Bill but I'd rather be late than not say it at all. Thanks so much for your limerick! I'm deeply touched!

  15. Thanks for the limerick Janice! I'm sorry this is late but better late than never, eh? Much appreciated!!!