Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on Laine

Thanks to all of you who have expressed your good wishes and prayers. I really appreciate it.

I've been busy working behind the scenes to do what I can to help Val and her family. Laine is improving little by little with each passing hour and for that we are all grateful. I am posting the family's update statements daily on her blog ( and I have uploaded her new website ( You can visit either one if you are interested in the details of Laine's condition. If you should visit her website, please drop me a comment and let me know if it looks OK to you. I'm struggling with the CSS coding on this one.

The family is disappointed that someone who caught Laine's accident on video has uploaded it to That's not the way they want people to think of their daughter. After all her years as an accomplished rider it's sad that her accident is what stands out in people's minds. I may have to work on that issue.