Thursday, August 28, 2008

Demise of Another Blog

I'm sad and down right angry to have to share with you the story of another of our Genea-Blogger family that has had their blog hacked. Cheryl, who writes the "Two Sides of the Ocean" blog, had it totally disappear from the blogosphere 10 days ago. The folks at Blogger were not able to help her get it back up and running. Fortunately for Cheryl, she kept a Word file of each and every one of her blog posts. So the good news is that she hasn't lost 18 months of blog posts. The bad news is that she has had to create a new blog at a new URL and will have to upload those 18 months of posts to it. Eventually.

You may remember that Cheryl is planning a research trip to Germany in October, so the timing on this couldn't be much worse. She's busy getting ready for the trip and is planning to blog from Berlin while she is there. She needs to get her blog listed on Google quickly so could all of you who have a link to her blog in your blogroll please change to her new URL asap? She would really appreciate it! And be sure to change the URL in your feed reader too so you don't miss out on her adventure in Germany!

I've been meaning to back up my blog. Really, I have. I vowed to do it immediately after Steve Danko had his blog hacked. But I still procrastinated. However, I am doing a mirror backup of my blogs as I am writing this. I absolutely hate the evil that lurks in the hearts of those who have nothing worthwhile in their lives and must entertain themselves at the expense of others. Take heed and back up now.