Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ethnic Based Genealogical Society Meets With Its Foreign Counterpart

Jonathon Shea conducted what is believed to be the first "cooperative activity between a U.S.-based Polish American genealogical society and one based in Poland". There's a nice article about it on the Polish American Journal web site. There are photos from the event on the PGSCNE web site. Jonathon, President of the PGSCNE, is an experienced genealogist and is fluent in Polish, Russian, and other languages.

Isn't it wonderful to hear of this sort of thing happening between a U.S. based ethnic genealogical society and one in a foreign country? It would be even better to hear that it was happening on a regular basis using video conferencing technology. Does anyone know of this sort of thing going on with other U.S. based ethnic genealogical societies and their foreign counterparts?