Saturday, October 11, 2008

Celebrating Dogs Rule Day 2008

We had lots to do today but we made plenty of time for our Kaj. The bulk of the afternoon was spent watching the Michigan vs Toledo football game on TV. Kaj was all decked out in his Michigan jersey but that didn't help spur the Wolverines to victory today. :-(

When the game was just too painful to watch, we played!

After the game was over we took Kaj on his first shopping trip to our local pet store. He was a real charmer and was very well behaved. We bought him lots of new toys and chewies. I'm sure he'll enjoy going back there again!

Kaj is 10.5 weeks old now. He's not quite housebroken and he's not quite crate trained but he's making good progress in both areas. He's good at walking on a leash and comes most of the time when he's called. Apparently he's allergic to chicken. We've changed his diet and are hopeful that will help with his digestive distress. Overall, he's a delightful puppy and we're very glad to have him in our family.

Happy Dogs Rule Day Kaj!