Monday, October 13, 2008

Who's Dogs Rule? These Do!

Saturday October 11 was Dogs Rule Day. Here are some bloggers who wrote about their dogs, the delightful companions in their lives. The great thing about dog owners is their sense of humor. Stop by and meet the canines and have yourself a smile!

Learn about the life of Riley on Msteri's blog, Heritage Happens!

Check out the canine trio on Pam's blog, Taylorstales-Genealogy!

Visit Jessica's canine duo on Jessica's Genejournal!

Look at the puppy in the Michigan jersey on Jasia's blog, Creative Gene!

And then we have a strange visitor on Colleen's Izzie's blog, The World According to Izzie! (Can you believe this dog has its own blog? What a lucky pooch! LOL!)

Here's to the dogs who rule our hearts and the owners who took the time to introduce them to us! Thanks!