Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paczki Day Is Here!

The lines are long outside the Polish bakeries in Hamtramck. The smell of freshly baked paczki is in the air. It's a brisk morning here in Detroit but that's not deterring the multitudes who have ventured out for paczki. What's that you say? You've never had a paczki? Oh you poor, poor, soul.

Paczki are the pre-Lenten sweet treat of choice for Poles. And they are a favorite of many non Poles in the US as well, particularly in the midwest. I'm not sure how far outside of the midwest paczki are made but around here they're a big hit. Just as you don't have to be Irish to appreciate and celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the same is true for paczki. You don't have to be Polish to appreciate and enjoy them!

I've written about paczki before
so I'm not going to go into detail here. If you'd like learn more about paczki, including where you can buy paczki bobble-head dolls, check out these articles...

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Calories don't count on Paczki Day so get out and enjoy!


  1. It's interesting, I had never heard the word Paczki before this morning, but yours is the second mention I've read today. The article below is from my hometown newspaper which I keep up with using Google Reader:

    Everyone's Polish on Paczki Tuesday

  2. Another great article! Thanks so much for sharing it, Cherie! The next step is for you to get out and try one. Reading about paczki just doesn't do them justice. You simply must taste their goodness!

  3. We used to carry them at a bakery I worked at north of Atlanta, GA. They eventually quit carrying them, though. Probably because nobody knew what they were! :-)

  4. Greetings Jasia,
    It's Paczki Day here across the River too! I will be getting one this afternoon. I like the custard filled ones. Which is your favourite?

  5. Paczki in Georgia? I never would have guessed! I'm happy to hear they made their way there but sad to hear that they didn't survive southern living :-(

    My favorite flavor? You mean I have to choose just one??? LOL! I guess I'd have to say custard also or maybe raspberry. But then I love the lemon, strawberry, and prune too! I don't think I've ever met a paczek I didn't like but the one flavor I'm most likely to pass over is apple. The one flavor I haven't tried but would love to is rose hip. And that is the tradition flavor of paczki back in Poland!

  6. I think some of the towns south of Dallas (primarily organized by of German & Polish immigrants)sell these! I've had Kolaches from West, Texas (not as in West the direction - but West the town!)

  7. Yes, of course, Wendy! I should have thought of Texas. Panna Maria was one of the first settlements of Polish immigrants in the US. I'll bet they're eating paczki in that area for sure!

  8. I've had Russian ponchiki but not Polish paczki, I'll have to find a Polish bakery here in the DC area. I also love khrusciki (bowties). And kolaches ... don't get me started on those (my part of Texas was a Bohemian area, so we had the fluffy ones).

  9. Hamtramck was completely chaotic yesterday. Had a really difficult time finding a parking spot near any bakery or market. Bought some tasty paczki at Detroit Donut where parking was available. Also got a really good paczek at Heartland Market on Ford Rd. and Wildwood. Bartz Bakery has good paczki too. But it was very cool to see everyone down there.