Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Night Fun, Who's #21?

I'm playing Randy's Saturday Night Fun game this time around even though it's Sunday morning in Detroit right now. This week Randy is asking us to look up #21 on our Ahnentafel list. For me that individual is my second great grandmother, Sophia Lamucha. Sophia was born about 1815 in Nagoszyn, Poland. On November 21, 1842 she married Jan Lipa and had 9 children with him. She died July 20, 1880 and was buried 2 days later in the cemetery in Bobrowa, Poland.

I have no photos or stories of Sophia to share. I only know that she and her husband were peasant farmers in the small village of Bobrowa. Just about a year after she died, her oldest son, Szymon, his wife, Ludwika, and their 2 young daughters, left Bobrowa and immigrated to Detroit, Michigan. They were the first of my ancestors to settle on these shores.