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The Polish Catholic Churches of Hamtramck, St Ladislaus

St. Ladislaus Catholic Church, Hamtramck

Address: 2730 Caniff, Hamtramck, MI 48212
Phone: (313) 872-0709
Website: St Ladislaus Roman Catholic Church
Current Parish Status: Active
School in Operation: No
First Year Parish Founded: 1919
Year Church was Built: 1953
First Pastor: Rev. Fr. Boleslaus Gdaniec
Pastor in 1985: Rev. Fr. Stanley Ulman
Current Administrator (2010): Rev. Andrew Wesley
Mass Schedule in 1985: Saturday 5:00pm (English); Sunday 8:00am (English), 10:00am (Polish), 12:00am (English)
Current Mass Schedule (2010): Saturday 4:00pm; Sunday 11:00am (Polish)
No. of Families in Parish in 1985: 1,000
Percentage of Polish Descent in 1985: 95%
Considered as a Polish Ethnic Parish: Yes
Polish Religious Traditions Preserved: Yes

St. Ladislaus parish is located in the heart of the city of Hamtramck - often referred to as "Little Poland".

St. Ladislaus High School opened in 1929 and graduated thousands of Polish Americans before its closing in the early 1980s.

In the early 1970s, the High School offered courses not only in Polish language but also in Polish history, folk art, modern art, and folk dancing. Several study tours were also sponsored for students in Poland.

The elementary school is now closed. Back in 1985, the school had 238 students enrolled and was run by the Sisters of St. Francis (Sylvania, Ohio).

For more information, visit the Archdiocese of Detroit web site.

The Golden Jubilee book of St. Ladislaus Parish, 1920-1970 has been cataloged and is searchable on the PGSA web site.

Some information from, "The Polish Roman Catholic Churches of Metropolitan Detroit" by PERC. c. 1985. Used with permission from Michael Krolewski, editor.

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  1. My great uncle, Father Boleslaus Gdaniec, was instrumental in developing the first elementary school here at St. Ladislaus Parish in 1921. Father Bill, as he was known to family and friends, left the priesthood and St. Lad’s in 1922. Other than that and a bit of his life before entering the priesthood, I have no other information. Family members who may have been able to shed some light have long since passed away. I’m looking for information on my great uncle’s life as I trace my family’s roots. Can anyone help?